Utrecht City

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Utrecht, The Netherlands (September 2015)

One of my favourite things to do on the weekends is to go on an adventure of some kind! This past Saturday, Natalie and I ventured to the nearby city of Utrecht. Coincidentally, Utrecht is also one of the thirteen provinces here; although the city is the main hub of this area.

We had a wonderful day, as we came across the Nederlands Film Festival. It’s a large scale annual festival showcasing innovation and creativity in Dutch films. We couldn’t see a full-length film in the cinema, although we had the chance to view some short films in a pop up theatre on the street. We also came across a group shooting a film in progress on a street in the centre. There was a large stage outside the main theatre with several DJs performing. The unique thing about this performance was that their music was powered by a bicycle!

We wandered through a great art market with locally made products. I saw lots of great artwork on display here – including handmade delft blue jewelry. We window shopped in a few boutiques, wandered around the DomKerk, and found a public art exhibition. The exhibition was called ‘No Privacy’ and was actually large photographs of the square we were standing in. I believe the photos were taken by drones or from a camera at the top of the church. It was such a great contrast of new age artwork and historical culture.

One of the many highlights of my day was seeing such great street art throughout the centrum. On top of one of the indoor malls we spotted an enormous tea pot resting on the roof. Another great piece was a poster plastered in an alleyway of an otter with a statement on climate change. I saw a sticker on a garbage can that had some great inspirational material. It read, “Know your history. Know your purpose. You are a spiritual being. Everything is balanced. The present is our goal.”

Overall, we had a lovely day trip and explored another stunning city here in the Netherlands.