Mind Blown By Another Famous Dutch Artist

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I had to run an errand in Den Hague today, so I made a quick side trip to the Escher Museum. This museum is inside of a former royal residence dating back to the eighteenth century. Queen Emma bought the stately house in 1896. She used it as a winter palace from March 1901 till her death in March 1934. It was used by four subsequent Dutch queens for their business offices, until Queen Beatrix moved the office to Paleis Noordeinde. The first and second floors have exhibitions showing the royal period of the palace, highlighting Queen Emma’s residence.

DSC_5399 (2)

Escher Museum in Den Hague (February, 2016)

The museum features a permanent display of a large number of woodcuts and lithographs by M.C. Escher, among them the world famous prints, Air and Water (birds become fish); Belvedere (the inside out of a Folly); Waterfall (where water seems to flow upwards); Drawing (two hands drawing each other). Escher in Het Paleis shows the early lovely Italian landscapes, the many mirror prints and a choice from the tesselation drawings, also the three versions of the Metamorphosis, from the first small one, to the third, of 7 meters. This one is shown in a circle. It underlines the new vision of the museum on the work of M.C. Escher. The third floor of the museum is dedicated to the Optical Illusion, besides the famous Escher Room in which grownups seem to be smaller than their children, one’s eyes will be tricked by multiple interactive displays (Source: Wikipedia).

I was completely mind blown by this museum. The quality of Escher’s work is simply stunning and I found myself thinking… “Wow, is that really a lithograph?!” Or “No way, that can’t be a wood block print…” I also visited the Maurithuis during my last visit to Den Hague and I have to say that the quality of the museums in the Royal City are simply OUTSTANDING. I would highly recommend adding this to your list of things to do while travelling through the Netherlands.

Glow Eindhoven

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Glow is an annual light festival that occurs in the centre of the bustling innovative city of Eindhoven. This year was the 10th celebration of stunning lights, multi-media artwork, and video-mapping using buildings as a medium. My friends and I went to visit this great event on Friday, November 13th.

This is really one of those things you need to see with your own eyes. One of my favourite exhibits that I saw was at Stadhuisplien. Here, there was almost like an enormous cathedral created out of lights that was coordinated to music. While I was there, the song that played was the song of North Brabant, one of the southern provinces in the Netherlands. It was very beautiful!

Check out the video to see it in action!

In this video (below), you can see the exhibit at the “Diploia” exhibit at the Cathrina Church. This one was absolutely fantastic as it could be viewed with 3D glasses as well. Unreal!

For more information, visit GlowEindhoven.nl