Great White Hootenanny


The Great White Hootenanny was a team effort put on the by TRU Event Students. We were a third year class (Event Logistics 1) at Thompson Rivers University. As part of our course curriculum, we hosted a live music show. Another team in the class hosted a Battle for the Great White, a battle of the bands, prior to our event. The winner of the battle, local band The Caspians, opened up for our big headliner, Shred Kelly.

Shred Kelly is a Fernie based folk band. This band is so much fun to listen to and really is changing the way people look at the term “folk” – with a new version of “stoke folk”. Shred Kelly is gaining fans from across Canada. They have been playing at more venues and festivals as the years go by and becoming very well known.

For this project, I managed a team of nine other students and assisted each one with his or her head jobs. For example, one young woman managed all of our marketing materials by sending out multiple press releases, operating social media, and airing on live radio and television. Another team mate handled all of the production coordination and worked with a local production company. And another coordinated the Green Room decorations, foods, and alcohol. Without the hard work of all of our team, this event would not have been possible!

Most of my job was assisting each person with questions, nudging him or her in the right direction, and mentoring each student to be their very best. I also handled the logistical aspects of the show by planning a timeline, each team member’s job description, and managing every small detail from fore thought to wrap up.

The Great White Hootenanny was such an incredible learning experience as I felt more assured in my event planning skills and creative outputs. I also gained confidence in my leadership skills and handled each issue that arose with a smile.

Our event was very successful and nearly sold out our local campus bar, Heroes Pub. Both bands were treated like real rock stars with a Canadiana themed green room and extra love. Our guests came adorned in Canadaina attire with plaid, toques, and great outfits of all sorts. We hosted a photo booth themed after the awesome Bob and Doug show from the early 90’s. Everyone had a memorable time and have been talking about this for days!

In addition to learning event logistics, we all had experience with:

  • graffiti marketing
  • social media marketing
  • poster design
  • ticket sales
  • live television (click here)
  • live radio promotions
  • sponsorship programs
  • in kind donations
  • booking a band with promoter
  • contract design
  • stage production
  • policies and guidelines
  • maps and room layouts
  • venue capacity
  • liquor licenses
  • professional correspondence
    … and much more!

A big thank you to all of our sponsors: B100, Booster Juice, The Lone Wolf Gallery, Oronge Board Shop, The Lemonade Stand, Kamloops Hot Yoga, PDK Cafe, TRU Conference Centre, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism, and to our awesome professor, Billy Collins.