Power Of Being A Girl 2017


There is a saying that goes something like… “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” I am SO grateful to know so many talented, courageous, kind women. This community that we have built together has lifted up so many young, impressionable minds at the 12th annual Kamloops YMCA YWCA’s Power Of Being A Girl Conference. Without your energy, your insight, your smiles, your dedication, and your passion, this event would not have been such a huge success.

Without you, I wouldn’t be walking away feeling so humbled, refreshed, thankful, empowered, and inspired. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you. Thank you for putting this smile on my face and for helping me to bring another successful conference to over one hundred young women. Nothing will discredit the impressions that you may have made on one little girl who needed to see a dangerously awesome lady boss in action at this event. THANK YOU.

Power of Being a Girl is an annual conference that brings young girls from all walks of life together to talk about real world situations, like saying no to drugs, and understanding the complexity of gender, learning about body image and what it means to be healthy. This event is planned by young girls, who give me all of their feedback and together with a group of amazing woman called the Community Voices Circle, we execute these ideas as a labor of pure love. I think I always say this, but this year – this was the best conference that we’ve had yet!

Thank you to Kamloops This Week, Kamloops Parents, Kamloops BC Now, CFJC’s Evening News, and CFJC’s Midday Show for the awesome coverage of this event.  Thank you to PCMA-TRU and TRU Wolfpack  for volunteering with such great attitudes. Thank you to Stacey Krolow Photography for the use of these beautiful photographs.

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