Global Competency

“Global Competency is a credential that can be earned in tandem with any credit program – undergraduate or graduate – offered by Thompson Rivers University. The credential formally recognizes the global competencies – knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a globally minded citizen – acquired by students through their educational experiences” (Thompson Rivers University, 2016). As of November 21st, 2016, this portfolio is my formal attempt to this globally recognized program in accordance with my educational experiences in Breda, The Netherlands, travel experiences across Western Europe, and formal education here in Kamloops, British Columbia.

This portfolio contains the following accreditations in order to achieve a certificate of Global Competency with Thompson Rivers University’s Student Services Program:

  • Documentation of all points earned including:
    • Study Abroad Semesters (2 of 2)
      • From Category B
      • Click herehere, and here for Official Transcripts from NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences
      • +7.5 Points
    • International Volunteer Experience (1 of 1)
      • From Category B
      • Click here for written reference letter
      • Click here for short blog post about my experiences with Amsterdam Street Art
      • +3 Points
    • Other International Experience (1 of 1)
      • From Category B
      • See below for a visual experience of my time living abroad
      • +2 Points
    • Credit Courses From Thompson Rivers University (2 of 2)
      • From Category C
      • Eligible Courses: TMGT 2060 and TMGT 3010
      • In TMGT 2060, I have found various concepts related to being a globally competent individual, including references to positive and negative effects of volunteerism, conceptual views of ‘self’ and the ‘other’, as well as defining terms like ethnocentric
      • In TMGT 3010, I learned how to define what culture is and to look at whats that cultures meet and interact in tourism settings. Consideration is given to cross-cultural issues, and challenges in viewing the host community and guest from a tourism perspective
      • Click here for Official Transcripts from Thompson Rivers University
      • +3.5 Points
    • Awards and Accomplishments
      • Liberation Scholarship
      • One World Scholarship
      • Ken Lepin’s Award For Excellent In Tourism Management
      • Nomination for Tourism Innovation Thesis Award


In addition to these points earned, please note that I completed a formal presentation about my study abroad experience. Click here for further documentation of this presentation by a supervising professor from the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts, and Tourism Management. Lastly, please click here to review my reflective essay.

Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio and academic requirements in regards to my application for Global Competency, or GLBL 1000. I hope that you will find this submission sufficient, and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. At the date of handing in this submission, I will be studying in my fifth year of the Bachelor of Tourism Management with a General Concentration at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia. I also will have an Events and Convention Management Diploma from the same institution and a corresponding double degree with NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, from Breda, The Netherlands that was recently completed in June 2016.

Last year, I heard of an emerging opportunity to study abroad through the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts, and Tourism Management. I was the first student from Thompson Rivers University to participate in earning a second degree from this highly credible post-secondary institution in The Netherlands. Over two active and full semesters in the Fall of 2015, and Winter of 2016, I broaden my study under a Bachelor of Arts program with a focus in International Tourism Management and Consultancy. While I was achieving excellent grades and personal milestones, I also developed a global perspective of myself, my home country, and its relation to the rest of the world. In experiences outside of the classroom, such as solo traveling, couch surfing with strangers, developing friendships with other students from around the world, and by experiencing daily activities, including transportation and purchasing groceries, I was able to further grow my perspective to become a globally minded citizen.

            Prior to studying at NHTV, my studies in Tourism Management had mostly reflected Canadian examples, such as the impacts that the Vancouver 2010 Olympics had on the surrounding areas and about the different chain of governmental organizations managing the supply and demand chain of tourism products across the country. However during international course work, I learned more about concepts related to the third world, and related discourses. Through this, I found myself working in more group projects than I was normally used to, and expanding my communications skills in quite a diverse manner. In addition, one of those projects included a consulting project where our team created a farm to table restaurant idea in Bolivia that was developed into a hypothetical sustainable tourism concept. I also worked on an individual thesis study where I created a comprehensive analysis of all stakeholders in Amsterdam related to street art. Simultaneously, I also explored how street art can create a sense of community and a sense of place throughout various neighbourhoods.

Overall, I had an amazing time while I was living and studying abroad. Upon my return home I found that I was a changed person, for the better. Below are my video blogs that I created during my last four months abroad. Enjoy!

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