Body Beautiful

Body Beautiful: Art Redefined is a unique exhibition which, over the course of just one evening, showcases the tattoos and body art of live models. Models are staged in the gallery, with a free hanging body-sized frame in front of them, presenting a live exhibition. The premise of the exhibition is to promote and acknowledge the body as art, in and of itself; the body is the canvas, the medium is ink. All forms of body modification and lifestyle choices are accepted, such as piercings and makeup.

This event has taken place for several years at a local piercing shop in Kamloops, British Columbia. I have assisted with various aspects of this event, from installing the frames, to administration and promotion. This is one of the neatest exhibitions that I have worked on, as it is truly can never be exactly the same as the year prior. I have also been a model in this exhibition for three years.

It’s amazing to hear as many of the “pieces” come back the next year with new tattoos or piercings that they are so eager to share in this expressive format.

Thank you to RDC Photography and Ray Perrault for the use of these photographs.