Amsterdam Street Art

During my thesis research of mapping the street art culture in Amsterdam for my undergraduate degree, I came into contact with a lot of talented individuals. Some of these meetings were planned, some were completely by luck. I met the founder of Amsterdam Street Art, and after interviewing him for my thesis, I began volunteering for the organization.

I assisted with a lot of fun projects, including consulting about the website design, building a social media marketing plan, posting photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, building and maintaining a blog plan, and proof-reading a variety of media in English. I also helped their current intern with her daily duties, and managed her role with online functions, including MailChimp.

Everyone at ASA was so amazing to work with. It was such a pleasure to visit the Go Gallery on a regular basis and hang out in their stunning office space. I was thrilled to spend time with such talented artists and share my love of street art and graffiti with like minded individuals.

Amsterdam Street Art is a globally known organization working with artists to  create workshops, exhibitions, festivals, co-creation, and connect the world’s finest artists.


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