Day Trip To Antwerp


Antwerp, Belgium (March 2016)

The beautiful thing about living in Breda is that the location of the city is so close to many major destinations. For example, this past Saturday I took a train (for 16 euros!) to Antwerp in just under an hour.

I had an excellent day travelling by myself and I visited two museums, shopped, and did some sight seeing. Ruben’s House is a museum dedicated to a famous Belgian artist, Peter Paul Ruben, where he actually spent most of his life. The Museum Aan Stroom was a fabulous museum about the Belgian culture, history, stories of power and war, and oddities. I loved that there was an entire exhibit dedicated to the culture of tattoos and body piercings from around the world. On the top floor of the museum was a great look out of the entire city. It was just lovely! Other highlights included seeing the Kasteel Steen (with the peeping tom statue), City Hall, and many shops that sold delicious Belgian beer and chocolate.

Of course, I had to sample a Belgian waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream! Delicious!

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