When Life Hands You Lemons


IMG_4370 (2)

Christmas Decoration at Katowice Airport (December, 2016)

“With every roadblock, a detour is built. With every ending, a new beginning is defined. Embracing a challenge makes life interesting, but overcoming it makes life meaningful.”
– Matthew E. Fryer

I found this quote to be so true during this experience, and I choose to have a really great time exploring the stunning, historical city of Warsaw this past week. I had planned to stay only the weekend in Krakow, but there were bigger plans in store for me, as my passport was stolen during my time in the beautiful city. So instead of travelling home to Breda, I ventured to the capital city of Warsaw before the Christmas holiday to contact the Canadian Embassy. Everything worked out in the end, and I was able to order a new passport. After waiting a few days for the document to be made, I made it back to Breda on Christmas Eve. Stalin) by day and night. One evening I also went to the top of this building to see a beautiful panoramic view of the city at sunset. This is the tallest building in all of Poland, and it offered beautiful views. I was so glad to make it home to the Netherlands, but this experience was definitely a classic example that when life hands you lemons… you should grab some Tequila and salt!

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