Weekend Adventure In Luxembourg City

2015-11-20 16.12.11 (2)

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg (November 2015)

I decided to take a weekend off from doing schoolwork and explore a new country! I spent three days in Luxembourg City, on a solo adventure, where I found lots of beautiful, old buildings, new friends, and vibrant culture.

I was pleased to learn that my French skills were sufficient to converse with locals. French, English and Luxembourgish are spoken throughout the small country. A highlight of this trip was couch surfing with my new friend who planned excellent activities for us that she knew I would love. We visited an outrageously expensive art shop where we ogled at how much the items cost and went to a music festival to listen to some Dutch and Austrian bands. We had great conversations and I’m so glad that I had the chance to now call her a life long friend.

Another memorable moment was being completely lost in the City Centre by myself and happening across a Christmas Market. Here I found many local artisans and delicious food vendors, cheery Christmas music performed by live musicians, and tasty beer. A funny (and strange) occurrence happened to me when I was touring inside a cathedral one morning. A bus load of Asian tourists came in for a free organ concert that was about to occur, and all of them proceeded to take my photograph. Why these people were interested in having photos of damp, young backpacker in their holiday albums, I will never know!

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