De Singelloop Breda

Study Abroad

De Singelloop Breda took place on Sunday, October 4th, 2015 in the city centrum. While I did not participate as a runner, I was able to watch from the sidelines. The marathon races took place throughout the entire centre and worked well with the existing infrastructure of following along the canals and streets. It felt like every one who lives in Breda was out cheering on the runners, and every street was filled with people. Some onlookers watched from cafes with breakfast or coffee, and others were right up against the fencing hollering and clapping.

The event was very similar to another annual race I have seen in Kamloops, called Boogie The Bridge. There was lots of community artwork to build a fun atmosphere, including many displays of yarn bombing. At many different pit stops, there were individual musicians performing, groups of drummers, and full bands on stages throughout the city. There were also different categories, including 5km, 10km, half marathon, and a family edition. One thing that I hadn’t seen at a marathon before was large scale screens promoting sponsors and participants who had finished the race with their numbers and times.

Check out the video below sourced from Bredase Singelloop’s website.

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