Officially A Resident Of Breda!


My New Wheels! (Breda, The Netherlands, September 2015)

Well, I was going to start off this blog post about how beautiful the weather must be in Kamloops today; but it turns out the temperatures are dropping there as well. Here in Breda, I am prepared with a rain coat even on the sunniest of days – you never know when it will start pouring. I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the city centre the past few days with friends. There are lots of shops, cafes, and coffee shops lining the cobblestone streets. Today, Dan, Cos, and I found a skateshop. Dan bought a new long board. He is very excited as the roads are in much better condition here than back home in Romania. I told him about the first ever long board park back home – he thought that was pretty neat. This morning I had my appointment at the town hall of Breda. I am officially a Dutch resident for the year. Very exciting! I have lots of things to do on my list… I’m still waiting for my SIM card to come in the mail. I need to open a bank account and many other little tasks. Classes start on Monday and I am looking forward to having a steady, familiar schedule. Ciao for now!

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