Day One

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Dam Square, Amsterdam (August 2015)

It is official! I have arrived on Netherlands soil, safe and sound. The flight over was incredible, as I could see Hudson’s Bay with ice flows, Baffin Island, and so much of the wilderness of Quebec. I also could see huge icebergs (which were pretty tiny from my view of 40,000 feet), and the not very green Greenland. Just outside of Amsterdam, the sun was coming up over the North Sea. All I could see was enormous, modern, white windmills on the ocean. I wish I could have taken a photograph – it was insanely beautiful. After grabbing my luggage and navigating my way to the hostel on Google Maps, I had to learn how to use the train system. Overall, it was not too bad for being in mostly Dutch. I missed a few trains going in my direction at first; but they come often.

The hostel I’m staying at is for all girls. I’m trying to break myself in to sleeping in a room full of strangers. It is actually quite nice, with lots of art on the walls. It is the only “all female” hostel in Dam. I made a lot of headway today, as I came across the Sex Museum. It was very affordable. I also came across the National Monument, a cheese shop (thought of you Jacquie!) and many other neat little stores and cafes. I am adjusting to the traffic flow, as I almost was hit by a cyclist while crossing the street. That was my own fault for feeling so jet lagged at the time. Luckily, I came across Sail Amsterdam, the Tall Ship celebration. Many beautiful tall ships were docked along the harbor. I followed the heavy flow of foot traffic and saw a large parade of boats, ships, and even a military ship. I didn’t manage to snap any photos of the tall ships, though you must believe me when I say they are incredible. That was about it for me today. I went to sleep early to adjust to the time change. I am very excited for the new adventures ahead. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. SWEEEET!! Laughed so hard at the sex museum being affordable. And tall ships???? Where’s the photos? Is there a crew I can join? I can tell by your Day One, you are so going to rock this year! HUGS


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