Kenna Cartwright Nature Park

 The view from the top of the mountain is spectacular and overlooks Kamloops Lake and the Lac Du Bois Grasslands.

Sunset Trail, Kamloops, British Columbia (June 2015)

My Experience:

I have been eager to find this beautiful look out point as I saw many photos on Instagram of this incredible space. I was referred to this trail route by a friend and last week, on my birthday, I finally made it!

I parked near the Kamloops Regional Correction Centre at the trail head and grabbed a map from the information station. It was very easy to navigate my way, as I was told to find the Sunset Trail, which I found was connected to Ponderosa and a few other short trails. All in all, this was only an hour and ten minutes (both ways) with a break to look at the view.

This park was established in 1996 and encompasses almost 800 hectacres of Mount Dufferin in Kamloops, British Columbia. It is the largest municipal park in the province and named in honour of Kenna Cartwright, former Councillor and Mayor of Kamloops and long time supporter of parkland preservation.

Over forty kilometers of gentle nature trails meander through the park. Trail difficulty ratings (largely influenced by elevation change) are indicated on the park map and at trail junctions in the park.

Know Before You Go: 

  • Be wary of ticks on yourself, your children, and pets.
  • Wear lots of sunscreen and bring a bottle of water.
  • Don’t forget your camera or you’ll be sorry!

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